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Help from God for the Hurting: A Life-changing Bible Story

Opening slide from David and Abigail Video
April 4, 2021


If you need help—a real lift from God—watch this brief video. Receive the gift God yearns to give you.

In just eight minutes, I describe how this little-known Bible story changed my life and how it can change yours. Click to watch the video.

Opening slide from David and Abigail Video

Watch as He literally kneels before you. It’s true, God kneels meekly before each of us. The infinite God who has all power wants to help us so much that He comes to us and offers us the very gifts we need most deeply.

He’s there, we just need to see and understand.

Watch the video.

If this was helpful for you, I’d love to hear from you. Just reply to this email. I love hearing from my readers and listeners.

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Help from God for the Hurting: A Life-changing Bible Story

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R Christian Bohlen with bookstore owners at a recent Christian book conference
R Christian Bohlen with bookstore owners at a recent Christian book conference

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