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About the Author

Do you prefer the formal version? Or the “who is this guy, really” version?

Just in case, I’ve provided both.

The Formal Version
R. Christian Bohlen earned a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and M.S. in Communications (Instructional Design and Organizational Learning) from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and completed partial Ph.D. studies at Capella University in the Leadership in Online Learning program. He’s enjoyed a successful career in both education and corporate training, resulting in prestigious personal and team awards including a Brandon Hall Silver Award (2013) and the ISPI Outstanding Human Performance Intervention Award (2015).
Christian has been active in his faith throughout most of his life, serving in his church family and witnessing of Christ to many. He speaks regularly at congregations in central PA and central FL. He’s also an active member of Lions International, the largest service organization in the world, and recently served as president of his local Lions club.

His interest in writing developed as he looked for simple resources to help youth understand the Bible and find Christ. Unable to find brief, plain-English materials about the life of Jesus, he decided to begin writing and ultimately blogging.

Who Is this Guy, Really?

Like me, your life probably wasn’t a straight line toward God. You have burdens and complexities that nobody else sees.

I’ve been around many people with severe mental and emotional health conditions—including a bit of my own—but a lot of it in my closest family and friends.

I also grew up feeling a little weird because my parents were from the Netherlands. To my friends, we ate strange food, my parents talked funny, and we were very religious. We didn’t act like the people around us. I felt disoriented and conspicuously out of place.

I’ve also crossed paths with drug and alcohol addiction—including an intense period of my own—and many efforts to help others. My 12 years working at a drug and alcohol rehab for juveniles was a life-changing experience for me. “Help your brother’s boat across, and see! Your own has reached the shore.” This Hindu proverb was fulfilled for me.

As a child, I tasted of the goodness of Christ. It was real and satisfying and precious. Over time, I lost touch with Christ and ended up in a confused, crisis of faith. The way I found Christ again was unforgettable, which you can read about here.

I also have a wonderful wife. We were unable to have children, which was a tortuous hardship for her. (You can read more about my wife’s numerous challenges.) Without her great sense of humor and loving ways, I wouldn’t be who I am today. She is a light to me and others. And of course, what’s life without great doggies?

Snapshots of Christian, his wife, and three dogs

What about you?

You’ve had a hard road too, I’m sure. I want you to know that I pray to understand you, dear reader, and what I can do to be worthwhile. That’s why I love to interview people and share their experiences.

We’re all in the midst of God’s personalized tutoring plan. The hard stuff becomes great stuff. God sees to that if we’ll simply respond to his loving tugs.

Please contact me to set up a brief conversation or write your story!

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