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R Christian Bohlen Author Pic 2021

Helen and R. Christian Bohlen

Exciting Updates

May 21, 2022

We are pleased to announce that we received the 2022 CIPA Award from the Christian Indie Publishing Association!

CIPA Book Award LogoJanuary 4, 2022

Kirkus Reviews, one of the most respected book trade review organizations in the world, published a very positive review, “A moving work . . . practical and kind . . . a warm and comprehensive guide.”

Additional reviews are excerpted below:

“. . . for Christians dealing with the challenges of mental illness in their spouse, this is a must-read.”   — BlueInk Reviews, starred review

“. . . empathetic . . . relatable . . . practical . . . a warm, inviting faith-based self-help guide for married couples seeking to understand and overcome their respective challenges and remain together.” — BookLife Review

“. . . highly recommended . . . neatly wound into Christian beliefs in a way that psychological perspectives alone can’t fully address.  — Midwest Book Review

May 16, 2021Number 1 on Amazon

Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine again reached the #1 spot in several categories on Amazon and stayed there throughout the weekend.

In November 2020, Amazon released the new version of the ebook with a cover depicting the central idea of the book: modern people walking into the light of Jesus Christ.


May 22, 2019

BookList magazine featured “Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine” in the May 2019 issue because of the outstanding “starred” review received earlier in 2019. BookList, which is affiliated with Publishers Weekly, is a prominent resource, particularly for libraries to make their purchasing decisions.

Radio, TV, and Podcast Interviews

June 12, 2022

Michael Chestnut and I had a remarkable interview where we shared the power of Jesus in both of our lives and a great deal about the value and effectiveness of the book, Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine. Click here or the image below to watch.

Podcast image of Michael Chestnut interviewing R. Christian BohlenMarch 28, 2022

Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian, hosts of the Couples Synergy interviewed BOTH Helen and R. Christian Bohlen. Check out the blend of laughter and inspiration in this episode.

CouplesSynergy podcast hosts on left and R Christian and Helen Bohlen on right


July 28, 2021Podcast image of Corey Gilbert with R Christian Bohlen

Dr. Corey J. Gilbert, PhD, LPC, Creator of the Trauma to Transformed Program (& the 7 Tools) interviewed R. Christian Bohlen about his marriage and growth through a marriage full of mental health challenges. Click the image to watch on YouTube.


October 17, 2019Melissa Dalton interviews R. Christian Bohlen

Host of the “Book Break” video series, Melissa Dalton, interviews Christian about the backstory behind the book and why it’s ideal for readers in the Twitter Era, including prisoners.

August 25, 2019

Author and abuse recovery advocate, Aimee Cabo, hosts an in-depth video interview on her series “God is the Cure.”

May 1, 2019

In this most revealing and in-depth live TV interview, learn about the author’s spiritual experiences that led to the development of the book Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine, plus details about the background, design, and power of this unique resource for today’s readers.




Reviews by Professional Organizations

January 9, 2019

Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine is “… eloquent and inviting.”  “… a passionate sense of immediacy that makes [the Jesus] narrative feel fresh.” “A bracingly enthusiastic example of modern-day Christology.” (Full review available here.)


March 21, 2019

BlueInk Reviews logoSTARRED Review

Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine is “. . . highly readable guide to Jesus’s life and teachings.” “Bohlen is a gifted writer, earnest in his approach, with a fine ability to tell a story in a simple and memorable way. His arguments are methodical yet disarming, and his conclusions are theologically sound and succinct. Moreover, the book is nicely produced, with charts, color images, and a vibrant map of the Holy Land.” (Full review available here.)

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