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General Updates

December 26, 2020

Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine reaches the #1 spot in several categories on Amazon and stays there throughout the weekend.

In November, Amazon released the new version of the ebook with a cover depicting the central idea of the book: modern people walking into the light of Jesus Christ.


Press Releases and Articles

May 22, 2019

BookList magazine featured “Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine” in the May 2019 issue because of the outstanding “starred” review received earlier in 2019. BookList, which is affiliated with Publishers Weekly, is a prominent resource, particularly for libraries to make their purchasing decisions.

March 31, 2019

Lake News, DuBois, PA shares the background and remarkable local success of the new release, Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine.

March 14, 2019

Christian Newswire announces the publication of the paperback edition of Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine.

Refreshed Christian Media announces the publication of Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine.

Publicist Contact Information and Press Kit

For review copies of the book or to interview R. Christian Bohlen, contact Joni Sullivan Baker, Buoyancy PR,
at jbaker@buoyancypr.com.

The press kit can be downloaded here: Bohlen press kit.

Radio, TV, and Podcast Interviews

October 17, 2019Melissa Dalton interviews R. Christian Bohlen

Host of the “Book Break” video series, Melissa Dalton, interviews Christian about the backstory behind the book and why it’s ideal for readers in the Twitter Era, including prisoners.

August 25, 2019

Author and abuse recovery advocate, Aimee Cabo, hosts an in-depth video interview on her series “God is the Cure.”

May 31, 2019

Cincinnati, Ohio Christian Talk Radio host Kathryn Raaker discussed our modern times and challenges and how the book, “Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine” helps focus on Jesus and rise out of the darkness.

May 1, 2019

In this most revealing and in-depth live TV interview, learn about the author’s spiritual experiences that led to the development of the book Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine, plus details about the background, design, and power of this unique resources for today’s readers.





April 6, 2019

Only 14 minutes! Peoria, IL station WCIC’s Community Matters featured R. Christian Bohlen with, “Keeping Jesus First in the Age of Social Media,” a focus on how Jesus helps us find a solid spiritual foundation and balance in a world of sweeping change: the Twitter era.

April 1, 2019

Highly Recommended! Atlanta GA area Christian radio show Cherokee Talk features R. Christan Bohlen as he describes his newly released book in a show called “Social Media and Jesus.” This engaging interview was deeply inspiring and fun, revealing a ton of detail about the background and design of the book.  (Click the little Play button on the left side of the audio bar to listen.)

February 23, 2019

Robbie Dilmore hosted the Kingdom Pursuits radio program with special guest R. Christian Bohlen talking about his book, Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine with another guest author, Jennifer Imediegwu, and leader of the world’s largest floating book fair, Logos Hope’s OM Ships, which makes quality Christian books available around the world.

Reviews by Professional Organizations

January 9, 2019

“… eloquent and inviting.”  “… a passionate sense of immediacy that makes [the Jesus] narrative feel fresh.” “A bracingly enthusiastic example of modern-day Christology.” (Full review available here.)


March 21, 2019

BlueInk Reviews logoSTARRED Review

“. . . highly readable guide to Jesus’s life and teachings.” “Bohlen is a gifted writer, earnest in his approach, with a fine ability to tell a story in a simple and memorable way. His arguments are methodical yet disarming, and his conclusions are theologically sound and succinct. Moreover, the book is nicely produced, with charts, color images, and a vibrant map of the Holy Land.” (Full review available here.)

Learn More and Buy the Book

Learn more About the Book.

Learn more About the Author.

Learn more about the Prison Ministry, where we donate these books at no profit to those who need it most.

When purchasing this book, we ALWAYS recommend supporting your local Christian and general market bookstores FIRST, because they are incredibly important assets to our community and cannot continue without our patronage. Ask about this book and buy from them if at all possible. 🙂

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