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Social Media Outrage vs. the Wisdom of God

Man with angry face pointing finger

The culture of finger-pointing and catastrophizing others' words has grown so out of control in social media. Are we on an inevitable plunge into social chaos? What can be done? The Swift Decline of Today's Online Culture If you politely…

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Overcoming Temptation: Techniques that Work

Temptation word cloud

Congratulate yourself, just for a moment. After all your struggling and suffering with temptation, here you are, striving to rise above. You care deeply or you wouldn't be researching this. That's worth a bit of acknowledgment, isn't it? This article…

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Our FIRST Joint Interview: Couples Synergy

We are delighted to announce our latest podcast interview, this time with Helen participating. Learn about our 35-year journey with multiple mental illnesses plus recommendations for how couples today can gain spiritual strength and learn specific techniques to weather the…

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How to Love “the One” Like Jesus

Mr Rogers talking to cynical journalist

Spiritual miracles happen in one heart, one life at a time. Nowhere (outside of scripture) have I seen this illustrated more effectively than in the movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which depicts how God can use any of…

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From Fear to Falling in Love with God

A Guest Post by Emily Louis I used to try really hard to muster up love for God. Knowing that it is the greatest commandment in the Bible, I tried to take it seriously. Whenever I heard someone suggest “If…

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