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His Life and Mine . . . Where Your Life + Jesus = Wow WHY? Because he is the light of the world. Feel his touch as if you were there

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Walk beside Jesus. Believe in Him like never before.

Get real answers when you ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?"

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Cover of Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine
Learn why this unique book is important for us today.

As a Christian, what could possibly be more important than the life, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus Christ Himself?

Life is increasingly difficult in this complex Twitter era. It’s dizzingly different than any age in history.

What we need most today is to drink from the life and teachings of Jesus in simple, real world terms, with examples of how to experience His “living water.”

This site can help.

Visit About this Site, About the Author or About the Book to learn more.

Your real-life stories can help too. That’s why we invite you to share. I’ll share some of mine too. Visit the Contact page to set up a brief interview about how believing in Christ has helped you or how you practice Jesus’s invitation to “come, follow me” in your life.

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