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About this Site

Hi! I’m Christian, and I’m a writer and speaker. I’ve traveled a windy road over the years, going from full-time rock-n-roll musician to math teacher to an award-winning corporate instructional design consultant for companies throughout the United States and Canada. I’ve also been active in ministry for over 30 years, serving multiple congregations in central PA.

This entire site is focused on Christ because he truly is “the light of the world” (John 8:12).

No topic deserves more attention. No topic provides more joy.

Join the Cause

Sign up for the newsletter, and you’ll receive periodic messages, including Christ-focused stories, interviews, research, news commentary, and scriptural insights from myself and others. Visit and contribute to this blog to help us all:

  • Believe in Jesus more deeply than ever (or for the first time).
  • Admire and love Jesus more genuinely and want to be like him.
  • Follow Jesus and be fulfilled doing it.

What If I Already Believe in Christ?

I’ve believed in Christ for many years. But I get better at it. I promise: it’s more satisfying as we do.

The more we believe in and learn about Christ, the more we admire him. The more we admire him, the more we’re able to follow him.

Believing in Christ is much more than just checking a box. It’s an everyday thing. A daily joy!

R. Christian Bohlen laughing, blue sky and forestHere are Some Foundational Beliefs for this Site

  • All Christians share a common core of fabulous knowledge; we should lift and love each other.
  • No single denominational belief system is advocated in this site.
  • Jesus Christ is the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth.
  • Jesus died and resurrected Himself. He lives today.
  • The Bible stories of his life literally happened; they are also powerful metaphors for our lives.
  • We should be patient with ourselves and each other if we’re skeptical and questioning.
  • Sin is real. Jesus saves us from our sins and lifts us to become more like him.
  • False teachings exist in the world. However, the purpose of this site is not to ferret out which are correct. I focus on the common core: Believing in Jesus, wanting to be like him, and following his example.

How You Can Help

If you already believe in Christ, please contribute comments, offer to guest post, request an interview, or suggest useful topics and research. Use the Contact page to reach out.

If you’re just learning or even skeptical, good for you! It’s okay. You will feel respected.

Above all, become a subscriber. Join this cause to increase his light in your life and mine.

Much love, my friend. Your visits and participation mean a great deal.

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