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People Do Change (For Good)

Reaching for handhold on climbing wall, representing hope, effort, and change
August 1, 2018

My high school senior yearbook had a section at the end where the editors wrote a little “news article” about each student, imagining what their life would be like 10 years after graduation. Mine read like this: “His degree in chemistry has come in handy for his basement lab hallucinogenic experiments, while his band prepares for their next world tour after yet another chart-topping single, ‘Hey, Mr. Pharmacist.’”

That’s right. In the eyes of everyone who knew me at that time, my life was synonymous with rock-n-roll and illicit drugs.


When I reveal anything about that to people who know me now—which I don’t often do—they look at me wide-eyed and ask, “YOU?!” They’re speechless. It’s incomprehensible to them.

That’s the power and light of Jesus Christ.

So why am I sharing this now for the whole world to see? Because there is a serious purpose for it.

I was who I was. But now I am what I am because of the reality and power of Jesus Christ. I’m standing up for it. May God use me as a point of light, with all glory to his name.

Hope is Real

I want you to know that what I write about Christ is vivid to me and real.

Like 1 + 1 = 2.

Millions of people have been changed and are doing good things because of Christ. Their lives and their loved ones’ lives are truly being healed.

People change. They climb. They feel better. Through the grace of Jesus Christ and his lifting power, I am a confident recovering addict.

People do change—for good. They do climb. And they do feel better. They celebrate and praise God that they were even born. They celebrate the light of Jesus Christ in their lives.

His light can become our light.

His light is my light.

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How About You?

Which negative behavior of yours is so ingrained that you wonder if it can ever go away? Or what Christlike attribute eludes you?

Can you begin by believing that people can change through Christ? I mean, seriously down-to-your boots believe it?

Or perhaps you can testify to the truth of this in your life? Please visit the Contact page and arrange a brief interview with me so we can share your story! People love stories and I would love to hear and share your story of finding hope and change through Christ.

My experiences ultimately led me to write a book to help young people, skeptics and active believers learn how the life of Christ matters even today. Please subscribe to this site or click here to get started with two free chapters as an instant PDF.


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  1. Congrats to you Rob ! I’m included in the group of people that didn’t know this about you , and we’ve been friends for a long time . Interested in more from you and waiting for the book to come out !

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