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Miracle at Angels Bend: A Contemporary Tale of Finding Joy through Jesus Christ

Cover of Miracle at Angels Bend

Discover the 2024 International Book Award finalist that inspires faith in Jesus Christ for our intensely complex modern times.

“A gripping tale of suspense and redemption . . . offering fresh insights and perspectives, especially about how the narratives intersect with the messy, complex realities of life.”  – BookLife Reviews

Four unsuspecting souls stumble upon a mysterious book…
… a budding musician living in the fast lane,
… an aspiring missionary using opioids to cope with family loss,
… a husband grappling with his marriage to a mentally ill spouse,
… an outspoken journalist in love with a married man.

Their common thread? A profound, shared encounter with the life and wisdom of Jesus Christ, woven into the pages of this mysterious writing.

Within its historical truths lie the seeds of unforeseen miracles, ready to bloom within the hearts of these modern-day disciples in distress.

Inspired by actual events and people, Miracle at Angels Bend is accessible for readers new to the Christian faith, as well as deep enough for someone looking for richer doctrinal perspectives and life application insights.

Any modern reader will relate to this contemporary tale of overcoming darkness through true, transformative belief in the Light of the World.

Step into Angels Bend and experience your own miraculous faith journey today.


Find out why critics and readers are saying: 

“Truly stands apart . . . highly recommended for individual Bible study and Christian reading groups . . . a creative approach, artfully tailored to our times . . . with spiritual insights not to be found in many other fictional pursuits.”

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer,
Midwest Book Review

“Wisdom with the power to change readers’ lives . . . this book is on a mission to help people find the root of their being—their souls and their faith.”

— BookTrib

“Transcends the typical Christian inspirational novel . . . an imaginative integration of scriptural events, vividly brought to life in a modern setting . . . packed with inspiration and spiritual wisdom.”

— Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

“A page-turning and heartfelt novel . . . a refreshingly straightforward and reality-focused example of Christian fiction, convincingly depicting everyday people with everyday problems.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“A masterfully woven story of struggle, community, and hope that will connect to every reader. Although the story is fictional, the truths are biblical, eternal, and well-applied to modern life. Perfect for personal reflection or to use as a discussion starter in a small group setting.”

— Dr. Tim Riordan, pastor and bestselling author of New Every Morning: A 31-Day Devotional and Songs from the Heart

“Don’t let the simple approach fool you. This book is dense with insights into the biblical plan of salvation that reflect a lifetime of sincere discipleship . . . superbly crafted fiction that kept me glued from cover to cover . . . makes the greatest medicine in the world—the gospel of Jesus Christ—desirable to one’s craving!”

— Robert Reich, pastor and global synod leader,
Board Chairman of Bethesda Family Services Foundation

“Brilliantly put together. How the life of Jesus is intertwined with the thoughts of the characters is remarkable and unique. I read it in a couple days and felt the Holy Spirit throughout, with tears much of the time.”

— Rita H., reader

“An exhilarating read . . . biblically on point . . . a must-read for teens and adults with questions about how Jesus can love and help us in our fast-paced world.”

— Angelina H., reader

“Mystery, suspense, and romance . . . and a rewarding conclusion! The characters are consistently believable and nuanced in effective ways. They exude humanity and it’s easy to care about them. Great stuff!”

— Stuart H., reader

“I picked up this book to read a nice story but I got a lot more. I love the new insights I gained into the Bible. The author beautifully explained so many passages, like the Beatitudes, which I didn’t really understand before.”

— Lynda B., reader

“Not your typical Christian fiction . . . a realistic narrative on how God is always working even when we can’t see the changes taking place. An inspiring story to help readers connect with Jesus.”

— Ty G., reader

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