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Audiobook Comes Closer to Reality

January 8, 2019

Scroll down to access two full-chapter audio samples of Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine.

Why Audio?

The more I mingle with people who are interested in learning about Jesus, the more I hear that many people don’t like to read.

Some even say, “I hate reading!”

Well, thankfully we have audiobooks nowadays, which are growing faster than any format.

  • 26% of the entire U.S. population have listened to at least one audiobook in the last year.
  • In 2017, 34% more audiobooks were released than the year prior.
  • Youth are gobbling them up, with 48% of all listeners under the age 35.
Image courtesy Edison Research
Image courtesy Edison Research – 2017 ADA Audiobook Survey

I’m one of those statistics. I listen to more than one audiobook every year.

You know what I love most about audiobooks? There’s an extra dimension of realism and energy.

The “like you are there” sensation keeps me coming back for more, particularly for story-based books like Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine. And as you may know, my goal for over 20 years has been to make the life and teachings of Jesus as real and vivid as possible.

Full-Chapter Audio Samples

So, here they are, just click the play buttons in the audio players below and enjoy!

Chapter 5: The Beginning of Miracles. Jesus begins gathering his disciples and displaying His extraordinary powers. He attends a wedding with His new followers and does some amazing stuff to resolve a small crisis.

Chapter 6: My Father’s House. The Passover feast welcomes over one million visitors to Jerusalem, many of whom proceed to overrun the temple with noise and disrespectful behavior. See how Jesus stepped up as the Messiah in this vivid reenactment of the famous scene!


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