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Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine endorsements and description

Bring the power and light of Jesus Christ into your life like never before.

Back Cover Description

Finally! A delightfully simple, fresh approach to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ for today’s adults and youth. Watch it all happen on this historically accurate guided tour through Jesus’s life―like you are there―from birth to resurrection, consistent with the prophetic insights of Talmage’s masterpiece Jesus the Christ.

With love, hope, and even humor, come to know Him as a real person. Watch as He dramatically unveils Himself as the God of all creation and the Savior of the world. Find insights and solutions for even your toughest, modern problems.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, the Spirit of God will whisper how it all applies to your life as you ponder the thought-provoking questions at the end of most chapters. The non-judgmental tone, evidence-oriented approach to building faith, and short chapters make this the ideal book about Christ for today’s insanely busy, sometimes skeptical readers.

This book takes a “Shared Faith Perspective” by focusing on the common core of Christian beliefs instead of focusing on denominational differences. The real joy of being a Christian comes when we truly believe in Christ, love Him, and strive to follow Him.

But how can we do that without knowing the details of His life? This book takes the reader’s gospel experience to the next level by bringing us right beside Jesus. And for all of us living in the “Twitter era,” the simple explanations and explicit connections to modern situations make His light more applicable and satisfying than ever.

Click to download the PDF and print: Prophetic quotes to focus on Jesus.

This book is ideal for:

  • Busy adults who don’t have time or struggle to read the classic “Jesus the Christ,” by James E. Talmage.
  • Anyone whose gospel experience feels stale and unrewarding.
  • Anyone struggling with personal problems but feels unable to connect to the power of Jesus Christ.
  • Youth and adults who prefer short doses of information, similar to social media.
  • Recent converts to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ or Christianity in general.
  • Anyone curious about Christ but has limited knowledge of the scriptures.
  • Missionary-minded Christians who want to share the gospel in a non-threatening way.
  • Skeptics who don’t want religion “preached at them” but want to learn more.

Newly Released Audiobook (and Samples)!

No Other Book about Jesus Quite Like This

After all of the lengthy, exhaustively researched works about the life and teachings of Jesus on the market today, most readers crave something short and sweet.

Check out this Facebook video that explains why this book is important today:

The author holding book and explaining features

Unique Features and Value

  • Makes Jesus “a real person” and relatable to us today.
  • Uses simple language yet packs a powerful experience.
  • Assumes no prior knowledge of the Bible whatsoever.
  • Offers modern life examples and questions.
  • Treats the reader with respect, love, and without judgment.

Whether you’re merely curious about the facts of Jesus’s life or you want to deepen your spiritual journey, as you study Christ’s life and teachings, the Spirit of God will teach you what they mean for you personally and inspire you to act(See John 14:26 and John 16:13)

If you wish to amplify God’s light and power in your life, this reading experience will not disappoint.

Reviews and Endorsements

Book Critics/Professional Review Organizations

“. . . highly readable . . . superb . . . theologically sound
and succinct. . . personable and energetic. . .”
BlueInk Reviews, starred review

“. . . eloquent and inviting. . . makes all the elements
of [the Jesus] narrative feel fresh. . . bracingly enthusiastic. . .”
Kirkus Reviews

Amazon Reader Reviews:

To see the latest reviews, click here. The reviews below were among the first!

“. . . If there were six stars, I would give this book a six. . .  I loved this book and will read it over and over and share it with family and friends. I teach Bible in a Christian high school and cannot think of a more timely book to present to my students, as a means for them to understand how relevant our Savior’s life is to their generation, and every generation.”

“. . . transformative, faith promoting, and educational. I believe [the author] succeeds masterfully on all fronts.”

“. . . I am an atheist but have been baptized and gone through confirmation. I learned more in this book then I did in a childhood’s worth of sitting in church. . . His voice is authoritative, educational, and thought-provoking. . . The book is very descriptive, allowing you to truly feel like you are watching the story of Jesus Christ as if it’s a movie.

Facebook Reader Review:

“. . . a breath of fresh air. It’s very modern and easy to understand for my generation.”

Author Endorsements:

“. . . a wonderful approach for coming to know our beloved Savior Jesus Christ.”

~ Ed J. Pinegar, author of Gethsemane, Golgotha, and the Garden Tomb

“. . . a beautiful gem of a book. . . lucidly written . . . accessible for anyone. You cannot read through this treatise without weighing introspectively the significance of Christ’s life, his words and his actions to your life. For that reason, this is a resource that I will highly recommend to many people, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.”

~ Gary S. Comer, author of ReMission:Rethinking How Church Leaders Create Movement and Soul Whisperer.

“R. Christian Bohlen . . . has taken the story of Jesus and broken it down into challenging and relevant sections that directly connect to the lives of students. Many youth and churches will find this a very helpful addition to their spiritual journey.”

~ Stephen Ingram, author of Hollow Faith and Organic Youth Ministry.

What Qualifies the Author to Write a Book about Christ?

The life of Jesus is not to be treated lightly. It must be studied and presented with great care and reverence.

For over 30 years, the author has been designing audience-appropriate learning experiences. He is accustomed to interviewing experts and leveraging research to produce high-quality materials to make learning comfortable, enjoyable, and effective.

He makes no claim of original views about the life of Jesus. He is not adding to the mix of opinions. His goal is to provide busy, modern readers with a traditional, conservative, simple, short, and sweet spiritual experience with Jesus Christ by leveraging research and commentary from trusted sources such as James E. Talmage’s Jesus the Christ and other sources with conservative views that are consistent with modern prophetic teaching. (Read the faith position statement on About this Site.)

In the Twitter era, fewer people read lengthy books. The need for a new approach—a fresh design—was great. And there was nothing like it.

Today, there is.

Learn more About the Author. (Note that the author is a lifelong member of the restored Church of Jesus Christ and serves actively in his Pennsylvania stake.)

Listen to radio interviews and read full book reviews.

About the Editors and Publisher

The book was developed with editing support from Angela Eschler & Eschler Editing. Angela is a best-selling author in the LDS market and her colleagues have rich experience editing hundreds of books for both Deseret and Covenant Communications. This excerpt from my Acknowledgements page sums up my depth of admiration and gratitude to this team: “My wholehearted professional thanks go to Angela Eschler for her boundless patience and her accomplished team of editors, Michele Preisendorf, Emily Halverson, and Sabine Berlin. How you all labored with me and prayed over the success of this project. Your care went far beyond the professional requirement.”

Carpenter’s Son Publishing is headed up by Larry Carpenter. With over 27 years of experience in the publishing industry, Larry is one of the few people who has worked in all aspects of the book industry including publishing, wholesale distribution, and full-service distribution.

Larry entered the book business in 1987, joining Ingram Book Company as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He was promoted to President and CEO of Ingram’s Spring Arbor division in 1997. In 2000, he started his own distribution company, FaithWorks. After FaithWorks was purchased by STL Distribution, Carpenter joined Thomas Nelson as Vice President of Marketing. In 2008, he became President and Publisher of Standard Publishing. He started Christian Book Services, the parent company of Carpenter’s Son, in 2010. Larry has also served on the board of the Evangelical Christian Publishing Association.

The combined efforts of Angela Eschler and Larry Carpenter make this a truly unique book that is accessible and appeals to both LDS and other Christian readers in a way that no other book has accomplished before.

All Christians will experience great joy as they walk with Christ in this intimate journey that makes His life and teachings completely relevant. It heals, inspires, and empowers all of us living in the Twitter Era.

Cover of Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine


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