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Bring God into your life like never before with this easy-to-read, fresh approach to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Amazon reviews:

“. . . from the first few pages, I could tell this was different. . . I am working to make many changes in my life to keep that peaceful feeling inside and become more like [the Savior].”

“. . . I learned more in this book then I did in a childhood’s worth of sitting in church. . . authoritative, educational, and thought-provoking. . . truly feel like you are watching the story of Jesus Christ as if it’s a movie.”

Facebook review:

“. . . a breath of fresh air. . . very modern and easy to understand for my generation.”

Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine endorsements and description

About the Author

R. Christian Bohlen has been designing professional, audience-appropriate learning materials for over 30 years. He has supported ministry in many capacities in many congregations throughout the US, often serving as the featured speaker.

The idea for this book originated when Christian worked in a juvenile corrections facility in Northwest Pennsylvania, where he wanted to help some of the young men with poor reading skills and no background in the Bible to learn about Christ. He recognized that most books about Christ were too long and scholarly.

We live in the Twitter era. The need for a new approach—a fresh design—was great. And there was nothing like that.

Today, there is.

Learn more about the book, the author, and the prison ministry that places this easy-to-read book into the hands of those who need it most.

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