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The Miracle at Angels Bend Facilitator Guide

You are free to print and/or distribute Cover image of Facilitator Guide for Miracle at Angels Bendthis Facilitator Guide as desired.

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Reviews of Miracle at angels bend

“Truly stands apart . . . a creative approach, artfully tailored to our times . . . Marries a metaphorical tale with spiritual insights not to be found in many other fictional pursuits . . . Highly recommended for individual Bible study and Christian reading groups.”

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Brilliantly put together. How the life of Jesus is intertwined with the thoughts of the characters is remarkable and unique. I read it in a couple days and felt the Holy Spirit throughout, with tears much of the time.”

— Rita H., reader

An exhilarating read . . . biblically on point. I think it’s a must-read for teens and adults with questions about how Jesus can love and help us in our fast-paced world.”

— Angelina H., reader

Mystery, suspense, and romance . . . and a rewarding conclusion! The characters are consistently believable and nuanced in effective ways. They exude humanity and it’s easy to care about them. Great stuff!”

— Stuart H., reader

“I picked up this book to read a nice story but I got a lot more. I love the new insights I gained into the Bible. The author beautifully explained so many passages, like the Beatitudes, which I didn’t really understand before. I recommend this easy, readable book for all ages, from teens to elders like me.”

— Lynda B., reader

Not your typical Christian fiction . . . a realistic narrative on how God is always working even when we can’t see the changes taking place. An inspiring story to help readers connect with Jesus.”

— Ty M.., reader


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