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Audiobook cover of Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine

What Is this Book About?

It’s an easy-to-understand, fresh approach to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ for today’s adults and youth.

Watch it all happen on this historically accurate guided tour through Jesus’s life–like you are there–from birth to resurrection. With love, hope, and even humor come to know Him as a real person. Watch as He dramatically unveils Himself as the God of all creation and the Savior of the world. Find insights and solutions for even your toughest, modern problems.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, the Spirit of God will whisper how it all applies to your life as you ponder the thought-provoking questions at the end of most chapters.

The non-judgmental tone, evidence-oriented approach to building faith, and short chapters make this the ideal book about Christ for today’s insanely busy, sometimes skeptical readers.

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Introduction. Why is this book non-denominational? What can I expect to get out of it?

Chapter 1: Before Christ. What was going on at the time Jesus was born? What happened to His parents to prepare them?

Chapter 2: The Lamb of God. Be right there as Jesus is born and becomes the true “Lamb of God.”

Chapter 3: Wild Man Preaching. Who was John the Baptist, and what did He have to do with “the Messiah?”

Chapter 4: Temptations. What happened when Jesus faced the devil? What can we learn from Him as we face the devil today?

Chapter 5: The Beginning of Miracles. Watch as Jesus meets His future apostles and attends a wedding where a famous, miraculous thing happens!

Chapter 6: My Father’s House. How does Jesus deal with a rowdy crowd inside the holiest of all places on earth?

Chapter 7: The Woman of Samaria. See how Jesus interacts with people who are rejected and misunderstood, including a woman who made many poor decisions in her life.

Chapter 8: Return to Nazareth. How do you think Jesus’s hometown family and friends welcome the news that He is the Messiah? Don’t be too shocked, but it’s not pretty.

Chapter 9: Healing and Forgiveness. What happens when people hear that Jesus can heal people with ANY ailment? Can He forgive ANYTHING too?

Chapter 10: What Matters Most? Have you recently studied the most important, famous of all of Jesus’s teachings?

Chapter 11: What’s In It for Me? Check out these five ways that Jesus taught us to become less selfish and more loving.

Chapter 12: Pebbles to Keep. Here’s a powerful analogy for what it means to “keep the commandments” of God, as Jesus taught His followers to do.

Chapter 13: Save Me! Watch these famous scenes where Christ saves people and hands out more wisdom!

BONUS: Before listening to Chapter 14, click on the this little video image below for a two-minute video that introduces the story.







Chapter 14: The Fish, the Coin and the King. Here’s a mostly-forgotten little story about Peter and Jesus–with a most important and amazing message!

Chapter 15: Help of the Helpless. Here we watch Jesus help people who are utterly unable to help themselves–just as He can do for us today!

Chapter 16: The Bread of Life. This story marks a turning point in the life of Christ and His followers: Some found His teachings to be “too hard” and turned away from Him. And what will we do today?

Chapter 17: Last Trip to Jerusalem. Can you imagine Jesus being fearful and running away? No? That’s because He never did. Watch Him as He heads straight into the hands of His enemies, on purpose.

Chapter 18: The Atonement. On this one night, Jesus saved all of mankind through His atoning sacrifice that cost him “great drops of blood.”

Chapter 19: I Have Overcome the World. See how Jesus faces His tormenters as He is tried and beaten bloody–even as His accusers sentence Him to death by saying, “His blood be on us and on our children!”

Chapter 20: It Is Finished. Jesus is crucified and held up for all to see, even as an earthquake at that very moment testifies that He really is the Son of God!

Chapter 21: From Death to Life Again. What happened after Jesus’s lifeless body lay in the tomb for three days? It’s the most important testimony that He was not merely a man!

Chapter 22: The Eye of Faith. What are the blessings of believing in Jesus with all of our hearts? What does spiritual light look like?

Chapter 23: What If Believing Is Hard for Me? This important chapter is designed for you if you are reluctant to believe in things that you can’t see or if you’d like to believe in God and Christ more fully.

About the Author. Learn some surprising things about the author and narrator of this book. Understand why this book is so important what prompted the author to write it.

What readers are saying:

To see the latest reviews and preview the first few chapters on Amazon, click here. The two reviews below were among the first!

“. . . an amazing summary of Christ’s life. It is not preachy in the least but instead allows the reader to glide through biblical events with ease. . . I loved this book and will read it over and over and share it with family and friends. I teach Bible in a Christian high school and cannot think of a more timely book to present to my students, as a means for them to understand how relevant our Savior’s life is to their generation, and every generation.”

“. . . I am an atheist but have been baptized and gone through confirmation. I learned more in this book then I did in a childhood’s worth of sitting in church. . . His voice is authoritative, educational, and thought-provoking. . . The book is very descriptive, allowing you to truly feel like you are watching the story of Jesus Christ as if it’s a movie.

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Read more about the author, the book, and our signature cause: Christ on the Inside prison ministry, where we give these books to prison inmates and recovering addicts at no profit whatsoever–just the cost of printing, shipping, and very modest fundraising expenses. For the glory of God and simply to follow Jesus.

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