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Miracle at Angels Bend cover image

What Is this Book About?

Four unsuspecting souls stumble upon a mysterious book…
… a budding musician living in the fast lane,
… an aspiring missionary using opioids to cope with family loss,
… a husband grappling with his marriage to a mentally ill spouse,
… an outspoken journalist in love with a married man.

Their common thread? A profound, shared encounter with the life and wisdom of Jesus Christ, woven into the pages of this mysterious writing.

Step into Angels Bend and experience your own miraculous faith journey today.

Here are the FREE audiobook files, as narrated by the author

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Chapter 1: Josh and Nate

Chapter 2: Hannah

Chapter 3: Hannah and Mary

Chapter 4: Dave, Ellen, and Larina

Chapter 5: Dave and the Lamb

Chapter 6: The First Group Meeting

Chapter 7: Larina and the Wild Man

Chapter 8: Dave, Josh, and the Band

Chapter 9: Josh and the Temptations

Chapter 10: Hannah and Melinda

About the Author. Coming soon

What Critics and readers are saying:

“A page-turning and heartfelt novel . . . a refreshingly straightforward and reality-focused example of Christian fiction, convincingly depicting everyday people with everyday problems”

— Kirkus Reviews

“The book truly stands apart . . . a creative approach, artfully tailored to our times . . . Marries a metaphorical tale with spiritual insights not to be found in many other fictional pursuits . . . Highly recommended for individual Bible study and Christian reading groups.”

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“An exhilarating read . . . biblically on point. I think it’s a must-read for teens and adults with questions about how Jesus can love and help us in our fast-paced world.”

— Angelina H., reader

“Brilliantly put together. How the life of Jesus is intertwined with the thoughts of the characters is remarkable and unique. I read it in a couple days and felt the Holy Spirit throughout, with tears much of the time.”

— Rita H., reader

“I picked up this book to read a nice story but I got a lot more. I love the new insights I gained into the Bible. The author beautifully explained so many passages, like the Beatitudes, which I didn’t really understand before. I recommend this easy, readable book for all ages, from teens to elders like me.”

— Lynda B., reader


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