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Thank you for your Donation!

You will receive a receipt directly from PayPal, the company that processes donations on behalf of R. Christian Bohlen, LLC, which is the business entity that administers the Christ on the Inside Prison Ministry.

Imagine the impact of just one book that gives an inmate hope and a new or deeper understanding of the love of God and how to truly follow Jesus.


What happens next?

  1. Your funds were immediately added to the prison ministry budget.
  2. Books are ordered and shipped to the “next in line” request. (Note that requests were already sent to us from chaplains, librarians, and facility administrators who have reviewed the book and believe it will be a great asset to their residents or inmates.)Prisoner with orange and white clothes reading in jail yard
  3. Periodically, Christ on the Inside ministry will reach out to requestors to ask for updates or responses from book recipients. As those are shared with us, we will post them on the Prison Ministry pages of this website (hislifeandmine.com)
  4. You receive blessings!
  5. Inmates and recovering addict lives are changed!

Please share this program with others and encourage them to donate!

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