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Audiobook Demo - Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine, Ch. 14

Audiobook cover of Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine
Here is the FREE audiobook file, as narrated by the author

Click the “Play” button on the Chapter 14 bar below. Afterward, check out the other BONUS files as well, if you’d like!

Chapter 14: The Fish, the Coin and the King.

BONUS Chapter 23: What If Believing Is Hard for Me? This important chapter is designed for you if you are reluctant to believe in things that you can’t see or if you’d like to believe in God and Christ more fully.

About the Author. Learn some surprising things about the author and narrator of this book. Understand why this book is so important what prompted the author to write it.

What Is this Book About? Simple!

It’s an easy-to-understand, not-too-long, fresh approach to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ for today’s adults and youth.

Watch it all happen on this historically accurate guided tour through Jesus’s life–like you are there–from birth to resurrection. With love, hope, and even humor come to know Him as a real person. Watch as He dramatically unveils Himself as the God of all creation and the Savior of the world. Find insights and solutions for even your toughest, modern problems.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, the Spirit of God will whisper how it all applies to your life as you ponder the thought-provoking questions at the end of most chapters.

The non-judgmental tone, evidence-oriented approach to building faith, and short chapters make this the ideal book about Christ for today’s insanely busy, sometimes skeptical readers.

What readers are saying:

To see the latest reviews and preview the first few chapters on Amazon, click here. The two reviews below were among the first!

“. . . an amazing summary of Christ’s life. It is not preachy in the least but instead allows the reader to glide through biblical events with ease. . . I loved this book and will read it over and over and share it with family and friends. I teach Bible in a Christian high school and cannot think of a more timely book to present to my students, as a means for them to understand how relevant our Savior’s life is to their generation, and every generation.”

“. . . I am an atheist but have been baptized and gone through confirmation. I learned more in this book then I did in a childhood’s worth of sitting in church. . . His voice is authoritative, educational, and thought-provoking. . . The book is very descriptive, allowing you to truly feel like you are watching the story of Jesus Christ as if it’s a movie.

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Read more about the author, the book, and our signature cause: Christ on the Inside prison ministry, where we give these books to prison inmates and recovering addicts at no profit whatsoever–just the cost of printing, shipping, and very modest fundraising expenses. For the glory of God and simply to follow Jesus.

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